Our partners are also mid-sized entrepreneurs


Our partners and the ALLISTRO team know the business from their own experience. We understand the concerns of owner-managed companies.

We are a reliable partner who always acts confidentially and with integrity. These values characterize us and our network.

Business owners understands business owners

We are an active shareholder,
acting independently of the interests of third parties


We understand our role as being a strategic partner and initiator for the management of our investments.

Independence is our focus. We do not act on behalf of third parties, but exclusively for the private equity company we manage.

Our equity capital is provided by successful entrepreneurs and the ALLISTRO team.

We exclusively make long-term investments
financed solely with equity capital


We thus offer companies the financial freedom to implement long-term growth targets without the restrictive confines of debt financing from a bank.

In addition, this approach significantly increases the speed and security of transactions, as no third party approval is required.