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The Hardest Currency of Middle Class is Trust

Author: Dr. Dirk Neukirchen
blog article| 5/2018


Mega trend plastics

How synthetic materials change our world
Topical publication | 7/2017

 Forever Young

Could medical and chemical technology fulfil this desire?
Topical publication | 6/2016

Actual investment assets as investment vehicles

Capital preservation and risk minimisation
Topical publication | 5/2015

 Risk consciousness and risk management

Hedging of entrepreneurial risks
Topical publication | 4/2015

Growth opportunities in the health sector

Success factor: Staying healthy. A true challenge not only for entrepreneurs and companies.
Topical publication | 3/2014

 Tradition needs innovation – innovation needs tradition

Aspects of the future competitiveness of a business
Topical publication | 2/2014

The two most important issues in any family-run company

Succession planning for companies and assets
Topical publication | 1/2013